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Our Practice Areas

At KDB Law, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of legal services to cater to the diverse needs of our varied clients. Our dedicated team of experienced legal professionals brings a wealth of expertise across various practice areas – ensuring that we can provide tailored solutions to address the unique challenges each client may face.

Whether it’s navigating family law matters, facilitating real estate transactions, or offering business-oriented legal advice, our commitment is to deliver reliable service, understanding and results across the spectrum of legal needs. Trust us to be your reliable legal partners, providing guidance and support in every facet of your legal journey.

a modern approach to the delivery of legal services
Corporate Law

We assist our clients in meeting their business needs, from small to large.

Wills & Estates

Our team simplifies the estate planning and administration process, while ensuring your legacy is protected.

Employment Law

We assist both employers and employees in navigating an increasingly complex legal landscape in employment law.

Provincial Offences

We provide pragmatic solutions and defend clients facing provincial offences.

Small Claims

KDB advocates for clients in small claims with determination and expertise.

Real Estate Law

We deliver seamless real estate transactions.

Landlord Tenant Law

Trust our team to navigate landlord-tenant relations with fairness and legal precision.

Agricultural Law

We craft legal solutions that address the complexities of agricultural operations.


We strive to achieve a thorough resolution where all parties feel acknowledged & respected.

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