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Our team comprises accomplished and vibrant individuals who are not only highly capable but also share a collective passion for redefining the legal landscape and contributing meaningfully to our community.

Together, we are reshaping the legal experience with a human touch.

connected by a shared purpose

Katie DeBlock Boersma

Katie’s ambition to become a lawyer took root at the tender age of 7 while growing up on a farm near Mitchell, Ontario. She attended law school at Osgoode Hall, and then moved back to the family farm where she lives with her husband and two daughters. Katie enjoys the unique opportunity afforded practicing law in rural Ontario. Balancing the complexities of a diverse and challenging legal practice, she has fostered deep connections with her community. She is Chair of the Local Community Food Centre and Vice Chair of the Stratford Perth Museum. She is also a certified Mediator, specializing in mediating workplace and farm succession conflict. In addition, she sits as a Vice Chair on the Ontario Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs Appeal Tribunal. Katie is a firm believer in creating the world we want to live in with every move we make.


Ruby Joy

Ruby, a dual citizen of Canada and the USA, is the offspring of two actors, instilling in her a fervor for language, storytelling, community, and collaboration. Ruby spent five seasons as an actor with the Festival and decided to make Stratford her home. Her involvement with her union became a catalyst for her decision to attend law school. Now, as an associate lawyer, Ruby is delighted to contribute not only her legal expertise but also her brilliant mind and infectious energy to the dynamic mix at KDB Law. Her sincere desire to connect with clients and truly listen to them is a quality highly esteemed at KDB.


Brianna Sykes

Brianna grew up in Perth County, and in 2014 she earned her Honours BA from the University of Toronto. She decided to channel her love for compelling debates into a career by completing the Graduate Paralegal Studies program at Fanshawe College in 2019. Since 2020, she has been practicing as a Licensed Paralegal in the areas of Small Claims Court, Provincial Offences, Landlord/Tenant, and Employment Law. At KDB, Brianna injects vibrancy into the office atmosphere and applies her discerning insights to challenging cases, fighting fearlessly on behalf of her clients.

Law Clerk

Jen Vosper

Jen boasts years of industry experience as a law clerk, spanning various legal domains from real estate to litigation. Her wealth of knowledge is a daily asset in providing unwavering support to our clients. In the framework of KDB, Jen serves as a grounding force, embodying care for both colleagues and clients alike. Despite a bustling workload, she consistently extends a helping hand to ensure tasks are completed successfully. Her mantra, "I'm Fine. It's Fine. Everything is Fine." resonates within our team, reflecting Jen's ability to handle complex projects seamlessly.

Law Clerk

Julia Roberts

With over a decade of experience as a law clerk, Julia has explored various legal realms, discovering her true passion lies in real estate. Guiding clients through the entire real estate transaction process, Julia leverages her expertise to simplify each step. Julia excels in communication, readily opting for a phone call when emails fall short. A genuine team player, her collaborative spirit extends beyond work to her personal life. Whether supporting colleagues in completing files, coaching her daughters' hockey and baseball teams, or actively participating in her own baseball, hockey, and volleyball pursuits, Julia is known for her unwavering commitment to getting things done. Her supportive nature at KDB is immensely valued.

Staff Accountant

LaDonna Boersma

LaDonna's upbringing on a Farrow to Finish hog operation in Perth County shaped her early years, actively contributing until her family transitioned away from Sows seven years ago. Graduating from Conestoga College with a three-year diploma in Business Administration-Accounting, she acquired skills tailored for today's modern farm operations. These capabilities proved invaluable in her subsequent roles in bookkeeping and administration. LaDonna is instrumental in providing bookkeeping and accounting services to KDB. With a few items on her daily agenda, she brings her exceptional sense of humour, remarkable work ethic, and extensive knowledge to every setting.

Law Clerk

Emily Zimmerman

Emily has been immersed in the legal industry since 2020, donning various hats from reception and administration to legal clerking. Her diverse roles have equipped her with a unique understanding of our clients' needs at every stage. A fearless advocate for embracing new challenges, Emily thrives on learning something new each day, making the legal field her ideal playground. Her unwavering calmness shines even in the most demanding environments, earning her a reputation as the steady presence that helps the team navigate chaos and regroup. As a law clerk, Emily provides comprehensive support to Brianna across all facets of her practice. You'll also find her as a familiar face at the reception when you visit the office

Law Clerk

Michelle Rawlings

Michelle has garnered extensive experience in real estate deals, having worked on both the lending and legal sides for several years. This rich background equips her with a breadth of knowledge that she applies when assisting clients with their transactions. Naturally exuding confidence, Michelle possesses a unique ability to support and make others feel at ease. This talent is not only evident in her legal clerking work but also extends to her role as a Zumba and Pound Classes instructor. Guiding individuals through periods of change and challenge is a genuine passion for her. Within KDB, Michelle is recognized for her unwavering commitment to going the extra mile. Her caring nature and strong work ethic are invaluable assets to our team.

Law Clerk

Tanya Gordon

Tanya serves as a legal assistant and clerk, known within the KDB team as the go-to person for both computer-related challenges and life issues. Tanya brings a wealth of experience from diverse roles held throughout her career. Her multifaceted professional background manifests in the meticulous care she invests not only in performing tasks but also in her interactions with clients at every stage. Her genuine concern for people is evident when assisting individuals with anything from scheduling a meeting to reviewing the intricacies of their case.

Administrative Support

Jane DeBlock

After an extensive career as a public health nurse, Jane is set to bring her innate talent for making people feel welcome and acknowledged to KDB Law. As one of the warm and friendly faces welcoming you at our office, Jane's wealth of experience in public health and active involvement in various community organizations will play a pivotal role in supporting KDB's mission to humanize the legal process. From aiding in the research and development of HR policies to fostering community connections, Jane will contribute significantly. She is not only a valuable resource for team members but also a familiar figure to call upon for a coffee and a morning chat when needed. For those who know Jane, there is no one else KDB would rather have in this role.

Corporate & Estate Law Clerk

Janet Phillips

Bringing more than three decades of experience as a legal clerk across diverse legal domains, Janet is a pivitol member of the KDB Law team, providing invaluable expertise, skill, and knowledge. As a mother of three children and grandmother to five, Janet finds joy in traveling, hiking in forests, foraging, exploring the beach, and savoring a good bottle of wine. Known for concocting potions and teas for healing and promoting good health, Janet's life is a vibrant tapestry of experiences, ensuring that dull moments are a rarity.

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