Introducing KDB Law

we provide a modern approach to the delivery of legal services so that our clients feel compassionately supported in their needs
the culmination of a dream

Our Story

KDB Law brings together two passions: the law and people. 

Katie decided she wanted to become a lawyer at the age of 7, while growing up on a farm near Mitchell, Ontario. When she went to law school in Toronto, her small town roots followed her there, and she was equally excited to learn about contracts and our constitution as she was to explore more of the world and meet new people.

When she returned to Perth County and started her family, she found that practicing law in rural Ontario offered a unique opportunity. She was able to build an interesting and challenging legal practice, while at the same time continuing to connect with her community and clients in a very personal and connected way. These experiences are the bedrock for the vision of KDB Law.  

At KDB Law we provide a modern approach to the delivery of legal services, so that our clients feel compassionately supported in their needs.

Katie Deblock boersma


We lead with empathy, recognizing that our clients often seek legal services during challenging periods in their lives—marked by high stress, overwhelming circumstances, and emotional intensity. Our commitment is to provide a supportive environment with a team of lawyers and legal staff who approach each interaction with compassion and understanding, ready to guide and support you.


We're people, just like you. We know that the law can seem intricate and convoluted. However, it doesn't have to be. We simplify the process, presenting your options in a clear, understandable language familiar to you. We also understand the demands of modern life – our clients juggle numerous responsibilities daily, just like us. In response, we're innovating our procedures to facilitate online appointment scheduling, virtual collaborative discussions and document signing. Our goal is to lighten the load for our clients, ensuring a secure, practical delivery of legal services.


Our work is our passion, and we spread this passion across many endeavours. We are engaged and focussed on our client’s outcomes. This commitment is steadfast, and we balance this with being offline for our kid’s soccer game & summer long weekend trips to the cottage while at the same time ensuring the job gets done effectively and on time. Achieving balance enhances our collective effectiveness.


KBD embraces innovation, rejecting the status quo of doing things simply because they've always been done that way. We recognize that each situation is distinct, requiring a tailored approach rather than a one-size-fits-all solution. With our expertise, creativity and dynamism, we craft outcome-based solutions, always prioritizing our clients' peace of mind.

connected by a shared purpose

Meet Our Lawyers


Katie DeBlock Boersma

Katie’s ambition to become a lawyer took root at the tender age of 7 while growing up on a farm near Mitchell, Ontario. She attended law school at Osgoode Hall, and then moved back to the family farm where she lives with her husband and two daughters. Katie enjoys the unique opportunity afforded practicing law in rural Ontario. Balancing the complexities of a diverse and challenging legal practice, she has fostered deep connections with her community. She is Chair of the Local Community Food Centre and Vice Chair of the Stratford Perth Museum. She is also a certified Mediator, specializing in mediating workplace and farm succession conflict. In addition, she sits as a Vice Chair on the Ontario Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs Appeal Tribunal. Katie is a firm believer in creating the world we want to live in with every move we make.


Ruby Joy

Ruby, a dual citizen of Canada and the USA, is the offspring of two actors, instilling in her a fervor for language, storytelling, community, and collaboration. Ruby spent five seasons as an actor with the Festival and decided to make Stratford her home. Her involvement with her union became a catalyst for her decision to attend law school. Now, as an associate lawyer, Ruby is delighted to contribute not only her legal expertise but also her brilliant mind and infectious energy to the dynamic mix at KDB Law. Her sincere desire to connect with clients and truly listen to them is a quality highly esteemed at KDB.


Brianna Sykes

Brianna grew up in Perth County, and in 2014 she earned her Honours BA from the University of Toronto. She decided to channel her love for compelling debates into a career by completing the Graduate Paralegal Studies program at Fanshawe College in 2019. Since 2020, she has been practicing as a Licensed Paralegal in the areas of Small Claims Court, Provincial Offences, Landlord/Tenant, and Employment Law. At KDB, Brianna injects vibrancy into the office atmosphere and applies her discerning insights to challenging cases, fighting fearlessly on behalf of her clients.

we provide a modern approach to the delivery of legal services

Our Practice Areas

Corporate Law

We assist our clients in meeting their business needs, from small to large.

Wills & Estates

Our team simplifies the estate planning and administration process, while ensuring your legacy is protected.

Employment Law

We assist both employers and employees in navigating an increasingly complex legal landscape in employment law.

Provincial Offences

We provide pragmatic solutions and defend clients facing provincial offences.

Small Claims

KDB advocates for clients in small claims with determination and expertise

Real Estate Law

We deliver seamless real estate transactions.

Landlord Tenant Law

Trust our team to navigate landlord-tenant relations with fairness and legal precision.

Agricultural Law

We craft legal solutions that address the complexities of agricultural operations.


We strive to achieve a thorough resolution where all parties feel acknowledged & respected.

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Let’s start a conversation about your unique situation, understand your needs, and explore how we can advocate for your best interests. Reach out today, and let us be your trusted partners on the path to resolution. 

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